Some of my bling bling, haha! I really love gold accessories lately (I think they really fit this cold season), so I decided to show you some of mine.

1. The golden necklace with the fleur-de-lys pendant is one of my favourites, because it reminds me of my love for France and I just like the symbol. I bought the pendant in Versailles at the château boutique and added a simple golden necklace by H&M. Et voilà !
2. This spikey bracelet is a gift from a dear friend.
3. The watch is a Swatch Automatik Serti Misterieux and is half golden, half silver. It has a little calender with the months' names in French and a bigger astrological calender with the zodiac signs' names in Latin surrounding the clock face for adornment. It's an old watch by my mother.
4. This necklace or neck choker is by H&M and I like to wear it first and foremost underneath the collar of shirts as an eye-catcher!
5. The last bracelet is very simple: Just a gilded, half open metal hoop by H&M.  

What are your favourite accessories during the cold seasons?


  1. Ich liebe die Uhr! Hätte ich sie auhc, wäre sie mein Lieblingsaccessoire. :))

    Greetz, Leonie.

  2. der schmuck sieht toll aus :)
    wie hübsch ^_^