Hey guys! I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately, I know it's been too long now! But I had plenty of things to do aaand I went to Oslo, Norway for four and half days! Yes, I did. If you read my Facebook page you'll know I've been there just for Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Ball. Yup, I'm crazy but I'm quite okay with that, haha.

So here's the first load of pictures I took in the Norwegian capital. Me and my friend Max stayed at the Anker Hostel in the city centre, which was quite moderate and the personal was very friendly! We had a bus stop right around the corner which was pretty good, because from there the bus took us everywhere we needed to go ‒ even to the Telenor Arena, where the concert took place. So if you ever plan to go to Oslo, I totally recommend this accomodation.
On the second picture you see the Nationaltheatret (National Theatre), actually a quite beautiful building, it's just a bad shot. It's located at the Karl Johans gate, where you can also find the Hard Rock Café (fourth picture) or the Grand Hotel Oslo (penultimate picture), where Lady Gaga stayed at.
And yes, those are reindeers on the first pic! We didn't happen to see Santa though.
Although we spent most of the time stalking Gaga or queuing for the gig, we enjoyed Oslo very much and also tried a little sightseeing, haha. There are still a few pics I'd like to show you. So stay tuned for the second part of the Oslo series, for pics of the concert (front row) aaand of me meeting Gaga AGAIN!

Stalking like a boss! x


  1. Ah, bei den Rentier-Skalps zieht sich mir der Magen zusammen.
    Aber ansonsten bin ich sehr auf Pt.2 gespannt!

  2. Wow, tolle Bilder. Gefallen mir sehr gut, freu mich schon auf den 2. Part.
    Aber muss es um diese Jahreszeit nicht unfassbar kalt dort gewesen sein?
    liebe grüße

    1. Dankeschön! Und oh ja, es war furchtbar kalt, aber dazu im kommenden Post mehr!

  3. Schöne Fotos! :)
    Hihi, gebrannte Mandeln, lecker! :)

    Lg. Sophie ♥
    PS: Auf meinem Blog läuft zur Zeit ein Weihnachtsgewinnspiel, vielleicht hast du ja Lust, mitzumachen? Schau vorbei! :)